UniFi Let's Encrypt

Secure your controllers and UAS/UCK with a SSL certificate the easy way!
This script is designed to work on the following controllers/hardware.

● UniFi Network Controller
● UniFi Video
● UniFi Protect
● UniFi LED ( UniFi Cloudkey Gen2 Plus | UniFi Application Server | Ubuntu/Debian installs )
● UniFi CloudKey User Interface
● UniFi Application Server User Interface

UniFi Let's Encrypt Script - Click here to download.


Run the command below in your terminal to start the script.

rm -rf unifi-lets-encrypt.sh &> /dev/null; wget https://get.glennr.nl/unifi/extra/unifi-lets-encrypt.sh && chmod +x unifi-lets-encrypt.sh && ./unifi-lets-encrypt.sh